Complete Flexibility

For over 35 years, CPF has provided innovative alternatives to a wide range of industries. Our experience, superior craftsmanship, strict attention to detail, and stringent quality controls enable us to deliver the exact material and manufacturing process to precisely fit your needs.

From simulated wood-grained textured finishes to chemical-resistant precision-molded components, CPF can conceive and fabricate a detailed custom mold to best fit your needs. Then, depending on the qualities and particulars of each customer requirement, we can choose the ideal manufacturing process.

If your thermoformed part requires 5-axis CNC routing, trimming, die cutting, welding, assembly, etc, CPF can provide the right finishing operation to complete your product.

Complete Custom Services

CPF can thermoform materials including ABS, Kydex, polycarbonate, polyethylene, PVC and styrene, just to name a few. We also offer complete acrylic fabrication. CPF has the ability to provide total product support with complete plastic fabrication capabilities.

So no matter what your need, from concept to a custom-finished product, you can be assured that CPF is Your Complete Thermoforming Source.

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