Are You Concerned With Controlling
Your Operating Costs?

A simple, inexpensive device could save you a great amount of $$$

No Deflector: Air Lost Behind Curtains
Energy Savings

Energy consumption can be a major expense for many reasons - one of which is the continual running of AC units due to cold air not circulating in the rooms properly. Many wall mounted AC units are positioned under windows. Curtains can reroute the air intended for the room into the window area. If the airstream is not deflected out and away from the window area, a great amount of energy is wasted.

Reduced Maintenance

When cold AC air is not deflected properly, condensation can form on the windows and on the adjacent wall. This can lead to mold and mildew and eventual rotting of drywall. Avoid these types of maintenance costs by using the proper AC deflector.

Poor Deflector: Air Still Lost Behind Curtains

CPF Deflector: Air Deflected Into Room
Design is the key

Do not believe that all deflectors perform equally. There are other deflectors on the market and their performances range from poor to excellent. Designing the correct fit, angle of deflection and length of extension is integral to excellent performance. CPF has engineered deflectors for many types of Amana and Zoneline units. CPF can also custom design deflectors for any type of AC wall mounted unit you may have. All that is needed is a layout of the unit and air discharge grill.

Easy Installation

The CPF AC Deflector is easily attached to the AC unit with either screws or double-stick tape.

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