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Today, manufacturers of metal, wood and fiberglass products are realizing the advantages of thermoformed or vacuum-formed products and parts. From motor housings to medical trays, from simulated wood shutters to refrigerator door liners, the reason is simple.

Thermoformed parts don't rust, rot, or require extensive manual labor to produce. They can be produced in virtually any shape or finish. And they can be produced very rapidly.

But thermoformed parts aren't just cost-efficient to make. Thermoformed parts can combine the advantages of less weight and fire retardance, with the ability to produce strong, highly detailed, durable products, which are virtually maintenance free. So they're cost-efficient throughout the entire life of the product.

That's why more and more product manufacturers in almost every industry are discovering that overall, thermoformed parts are superior to the parts and products thay are replacing. And that's why many of these manufacturers are also discovering that the complete source for thermoformed products and parts is Complete Plastic Fabricators, Inc. (CPF).

Complete Capability

We offer expert design, material selection, molding, tooling, thermoforming, and finishing capabilities to ensure that your transition to thermoformed parts is not only smooth, but right for you, and the long-term profitability of your company.

We provide large-sheet, high-volume thermoforming capabilities, with a complete selection of equipment options to do the job, rapidly and right. From small equipment, up to an 86" x 126" rotary thermoformer, with a 36" draw depth, with material thickness capabilities to 1/2",and a 5-axis CNC Router for finishing if required, you can be sure CPF has the right equipment for your job, no matter how large or small.

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